Philosophy: The Top Ten || My Last Post

Hello viewers,

So the Top Ten. Commonly used to grade/rank armies according to their size. Is it useful? Should it be as important as it is now? Read more to learn about this topic.

i. About

The Top Ten is a list of the top armies in Club Penguin. The general goal of most armies created is to get to the top of this weekly list. They try to get bigger sizes and better tactics just so they can be on this list. This list is, in this era of armies, what all armies revolve around. As this list has evolved, there have been “Medium” and “Small” Top Ten lists. The most famous (debatably) Top Ten is the weekly Top Ten Armies of the Week on CPAC. People flock to this post and see what their armies rank is, and sometimes flame the author due to his/her “poor” job on the list.

ii. The Author’s Struggle

There is no way to please everyone when making a Top Ten list. Thus we proceed into the struggles of a Top Ten author. The author has to make this list on (generally) a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This is difficult, as new armies are constantly rising and the authors have to search deep into the Medium or Small armies in order to find the worthy candidates for the lower Top Ten slots. They also have to keep watch of all battles that Top Ten armies partake in, in order to rank them with the other Top Ten armies. As Top Ten armies as a whole have several battles per week, it is difficult to keep track of every one. As just the icing to the cake, authors of the Top Ten get constant discrimination from the viewers for “mis-ranking” or “not including” an army deemed worthy. Even though this is a game, it can still put a lot of stress on the author.

iii. Misunderstandings

The Top Ten is NOT, by any means, the official list for the community. All news sites, no matter how big, do not have official status among armies. The Top Ten is a simple endorsement and tool for armies to use to see how they place among armies. Because of this misunderstanding, many people get very angry about placings. In addition, mistakes happen. Every human makes a mistake, and the author may accidentally misses this army or this battle.

iv. The Real Reason

The Top Ten is not the reason to make an army. When it was first made, it wasn’t made to have this much importance placed on it. Make an army because you want to have FUN. Not because you want to be a competitor. Although many armies make it into the Top Ten at one point or another, the majority do not become a WP or a regular Top Ten army. Although a good goal is to be the largest army, you shouldn’t place so much importance on it that punishment results in a bad battle. Using the Top Ten as a base for your army is like trying to use a pogo stick on a Jenga tower. It’s one of the most difficult things I can think of.


Don’t stress the Top Ten as much. It’s not that important. It’s just a tool to see the success and failures of your armies.

Write your opinion and any feedback in the comments section below

Signing off,

Tj Crooks45


I’ve decided that I’m retiring from CPAC. I realize that I haven’t made a post in almost two weeks now, and thats credited to my lack of ideas when trying to make a post. I know that this really won’t impact the amount of views and none of the viewers will really miss my posts. Well, I hope I sparked some thought into all of you

Signing off (for the last time),

Tj Crooks45

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