CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Rebel Penguin Federation vs Golden Troops

At first, the battle seemed fairly lopsided, but as it progressed this grew to be a very close match.

Initially, GT was not present at the battle. Then, about 10 minutes in, they arrived and began to battle the RPF. RPF greatly outnumbered GT at the beginning. As the battle progressed, GT grew larger, turning this into a close battle. RPF maxed around 10 and averaged 7. GT maxed about 8 and averaged 6. However, RPF’s tactics were far superior to GT’s, showing more control and better organization than GT. Both armies performed very well, it was just the tactics that really won the battle for RPF.

Winner: RPF

Well done to both armies, and congratulations to RPF, who will be moving on to the next round of the CPACCC.

17 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Biased and pics supporting RPF.
    True pics :
    True Winner: Obviously GT.


  3. And we got on after a few minutes. Not 10.


  4. RPF won fair and square.


  5. We got on at 2:03. Not 2:10(10 minutes after battle)


  6. I personally think GT won this one.


  7. How come you have a pic of GT at their lowest size and RPF at their biggest size? You know, that’s not really what the battle looked like.


    • I will grant you that GT is not at their largest in the picture I took, however that was the only one I took during the battle.


  8. If you want pics take one from GT and RPF’s site. It would be nice if these post showed the actual battle and not the first few minutes.


  9. Don’t be a hater! xD


  10. I think that RPF won. They had better tactics.


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