Leaders: The Golden Age

Much of the CP Army Population wishes we could go back to the Golden Age of CP armies, commonly defined as Early 2007-Mid 2008. But what was so different about the Golden Age? In the Golden Age, there was/were:

  • More emphasis on recruiting, rather than advertising
  • Frequent battles in the Mammoth Dojo, as opposed to the Snow Forts or Town.
  • Better leadership in armies

Right now, better leadership will be the focus. Today, many of the armies from the Golden Age such as RPF and Romans are substantially less powerful than they were before. Throughout the Golden Age, RPF was always one of the strongest armies in CP. Now they’re not even a major army. Why has the landscape changed so much? There are many plausible explanations, but the simplest one is that leaders just aren’t as great as before. The old leaders had a certain charisma to them. They could rally a large group of normal penguins off Mammoth and unite them, giving orders without a chat. Who was the greatest leader of the Golden Age? There are a few commonly mentioned names, and be forewarned, these are just short bios, so don’t tell me I missed key history.


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Oagalthorp was the most famous leader in CP warfare history. He created the most consistent powerhouse army, ACP, and lead them through thick and thin until his retirement in March 2008. He joined Club Penguin in 2006, and fought in the color wars. But he wanted to create an organized army, with a forum to refer to and a full uniform. On September 29th 2006, ACP was born. Oagalthorp lead the ACP to many victories including CP WW2 (vs. Romans), WW3 (vs UMA), The Golds War, countless battles with Nachos, and many, many more. Oagalthorp’s last battle was on March 22nd, 2008, but he still stops by ACP chat once in a while.

Pink Mafias


It can be argued that Pink Mafias was even more famous within the CP army circle than Oagalthorp. He created UMA on January 8th 2007 (credit to Boomer 20). He revolutionized CP armies and lead UMA to complete domination, nearly killing off all other armies. He was also known for his popular CP cheats site and YouTube videos. Described by UMA veterans as “truly a sight to behold” and “the greatest leader of all time”. He retired from UMA for good in July 2008, but had been on UMA chat as recently as January 2009.


Commando was a high ranking UMA soldier when he decided that he was fed up with their antics. He was sick of Pink Mafias, the hacking, and everything about UMA. So in July of 2007 he created the Rebel Penguin Federation, or RPF. He helped ACP defeat UMA and made sure RPF was always a force to be reckoned with, until the day of his retirement. Without Commando and his rebellion, the current landscape of CP warfare would be drastically changed. It’s also worth noting that Commando came up with the idea of armies owning servers for themselves, despite the belief that Oagalthorp created this practice.


Zippy was the 3rd and arguably most famous Nacho leader, the successor to Tom Wolf. He lead the Nachos to be one of the major armies of the Golden Age. During his leadership, spanning from July 2007 to July 2008 (July 27th 2008 to be exact), the Nachos had victories over ACP, UMA, Golds, and many more armies. Zippy was crucial in molding the Nachos into the World Power they are nowadays, and will forever live on in the hearts of Nachos around the world.

Keep in mind that there were other great leaders such as Fly4life, Iceyfeet1234, and many more. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the leaders of the past generations.

Now, it’s time for the interviews.

Harv/Lidstrom (UMA Legend and Former leader)

In your opinion, when was the Golden Age of CP armies?

In the Great Ole War when the Vikings and Romans squared off for two months.

What do you think about the leaders of the old days?

More relaxed, less centered around government. Better tactics, yes I’m serious. Respected every single member of the army. Stronger, tougher, smarter, and overall better. I liked them a lot.

Who do you think was the greatest leader in CP Army History?

Honestly? Batista1822. It’s biased, yes, but he was the leader that loved me most. I was his faithful 2ic. Pink Mafias was amazing, and a hell of a lot better than any leader today, but bat I honsetly think is better.

Thanks for your time.

Hey no problem


Vetsd (ACP Veteran and legend)

In your opinion, when was the Golden Age of CP armies?

Right after [The Battle of Mammoth], with UMA vs ACP.

When do you think the Golden Age ended?

Last year. That’s why I decided to retire

What do you think of past leaders of the Golden Age?

I thought Oagal was a great leader along with Pink Mafias, Fort…all the names we love now.

Thanks for your time.



Who do you think was the greatest leader of the Golden Age? Who do you think is the greatest leader of all time? Comment your opinions! 


29 Responses

  1. Good post


  2. ;(
    wasn’t there, was too late for the party.


  3. Boomer, Uma was a rouge army in mammoth, true the site wasn’t created till january, but there are records of uma in december


  4. Oh so Icey isn’t there?


  5. nice post


  6. Nice post smart
    Smart [alec4]


  7. Yeah I have to agree. Even the ACP saga says they saw UMA in early december.


  8. If people want to go back to the original dojo, then why do they keep rejecting the idea of hosting battles in dojo igloos? With the new saves of house types it makes it much easier and much less expensive.


  9. Nice post but you forgot me 😮


  10. Nice post. It might be worth mentioning the PRA and IW but you would have to do a fair bit of research on collin.
    You also should of mentioned the fact that commando717 came up with the idea of nations and armies owning servers. Previously, armies had bases at different servers but they always fought at the Mammoth Dojo. E.g UMA went to mittens thus their capital. ACP went to Breeze thus their capital. Oagalthorp helped promote the idea of nations/servers with Commando but Oagal got most of the credit. =\


  11. Man, I wish club penguin warfare was back at it’s Golden Ages again. Leadership, tactics, more respect, everything. I’m not saying I hate the new warfare. Honestly, It’s Club Penguin’s updates that ended the Golden Age. Anyway, I think Oagalthorp was the greatest leader of the Golden Age because without him, there wouldn’t have been a Golden Age.


    • Dude, the Golden Ages were a mess of betrayal, lies, mis-communication, and constant, senseless violence.

      I somehow prefer having a chat and nation than roaming one server trying to figure out what’s going on with the war.

      And no, Oagal wasn’t the reason for the Golden Age. It was because Pink and Oagal went to war that started them and because of Commando’s rebellion that made it actually a Golden Age. Even then though it took the idea of nations to make it incredibly different from all the other ages.


  12. nice job


  13. I admire the people who get the least amount of credit. Has anyone ever made a post about who lead the Vikings and Romans?


  14. Whilst it’s a good post, it’s a bit of a generalization to all leaders from that time were great or better than more current ones. That time had it’s bad leaders an this one had it’s great ones. Maybe you could also do a post on recent great leaders such as Person1233 and Boomer.




  16. Undoubtably, Boomer.


  17. Well definitely Oagal!!!!!!!! ACP forever


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