Parties, they are fun and all, but are they good for Club Penguin Warfare? This days we have the Halloween party which is one of the favorites to the people playing, but if you go see the dock, there are waaaaay to many pumpkins making your army in a war looking with less people. Something good of this party is that the Snowforts is all cleared and that there aren’t any obstacles, aside from the two forts.

As you can see in this pic in the NW and DCP war, the NW have around 35 people there and some can´t be seen clearly, not only because of they are shouting “NW claims this room”, but there are also a lot of pumpkins which does not let you see all the penguins at the Dock.


But in some other parties like in the music jam festival there are way too many stages making a war really hard to fight in. In the Snowforts there are two mini-stages so you can cheer for blue or red, in the Dock the main stage is there which holds a really large amount of space and a lot of non-army penguins that just stay there and make the room get full faster, the ice berg which has the penguin band playing there, the beach which has a pink stage, the pool which has a giant piano just laying there, the Forest, which has a western-type stage,  the Cove which has a Hawaiian-looking stage and a limbo place, the soccer stadium which has a normal stage.

But not only in the Music Jam party what about the Fall Fair?

  • The Dock has 2 games which makes the room REALLY overcrowded at some points
  • The Forest which has 1 game and the prize store and the Great Puffle Circus
  • The Ice Berg full of balls and a slide with stairs

Highlights of other parties:

Puffle Party

  • Snowforts full of forts and a path way to the feeding puffle room
  • Forest has a Ball pool
  • Dock has puffle house structures
  • Beach has an ice castle
  • Pool has a skating park

Medieval party

  • Snow forts has 3 forts and some catapults,
  • Forest has 2 huge trees,
  • Dock has some old portable houses,
  • Beach just has some stairs in it,
  • Ski village has a bridge and less walking area,
  • Mine has a giant dragon and a Switchbox 3000,
  • The pool has the knights quest 1 and 2 and a lot of coins.



Interview with Spice Ice116 (Team Gold leader)

Me: Do you think the Club Penguin parties ruin wars?

Spice: Yes, and they mess up our recruiting sessions

Me: Do you think the decorations ruin part of the wars too?

Spice: Yeah, because there is no room for lines, for example the soccer stadium. You can’t make a line because of all the anvils and fish laying around.

Me: Do you think there should be no wars while there are parties?

Spice: No, the parties bring challenges, and along with those new challenges and new tactics.


Interview with Albert417 (IW 3ic)

Me: Do you think the Club penguin parties ruin wars, recruiting sessions, training, etc.?

Albert: No

Me: Why not?

Albert: Because parties last for a few days and noobs can get bored after they’ve seen and done every at them and major armies can recruit and get noobs interested in joining

Me: Do you think the decorations take away a lot of space.

Albert: No because they look good and don’t cause any problems at all if there was a battle.

Me: Do you think there should be no wars while there are parties?

Albert: I think there should be no wars because the parties are fun to many troops and armies tend to schedule parties on chat.

As you can see Albert and Spice have a different point of view at the parties.

What do you think?

~San Chivas

19 Responses

  1. 1!


    • I honestly Think people shouldn’t Complain about That. Honestly, There Are Still People Who play CP And Don’t Do Armies. THey Want To Have Some Fun With The parties, And CP Let Them Have It/


  2. Hm…maybe it’s the fact that people take things too seriously and thus schedule battles during parties? 🙄
    There are three main parties: Holiday, Halloween, and Fall Fair. These are the most crowded in way of decor and people. However, armies may account for this. For example, during the holidays the forts are rather empty, during Halloween there are new rooms (dark chamber this year)
    Both provide excellent recruiting since so many are here.
    The fair has an extremely good room- the puffle circus. Though only members may enter, it is round in shape and large in size providing the best way to battle.
    The dojo and surrounding ninja areas is always large and barely decorated most of the time.
    Other matters can be simply solved, E.G. during a party, schedule a practice battle in someones igloo, to be exact a dojo or castle igloo. The battle may be scheduled in advanced to remove any items in the igloo to make room.
    Rooms to avoid during halloween:
    Ski Village
    Rooms to avoid during holidays:
    Varies given that CP moves it around year after year.
    Rooms to avoid during Fair:
    Try to avoid scheduling any real battles during this time due to games. PB can be held in igloos
    Rooms to try for during Halloween:
    Ski Hill
    Dojo courtyard
    Try to avoid scheduling any real battles during this time. PB can be held in igloos


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  4. Parties decorations due take alot of space away, but when they’re over, it’s back to the way it was, and that makes it better.


  5. Isn’t tha


  6. I think Disney is doing it on purpose to stop us.


  7. There’s nothing to do that can stop them. Anyways, I quite enjoy them :mrgreen:


  8. Lets all be happy and eat cheese! =D


  9. I hate when things get in my way in wars.


  10. fugger rite in the pussay


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