UMA v.s. GT

Currently, there has been lots of fighting between UMA and GT. There have been 3 battles. The first was won by UMA, for the server Flippers. The 2nd battle, also won by UMA, was for the server Half-pipe. The 3rd battle was controversial, and was won by GT. UMA complained  that GT had lots of UK soldiers, and that the battle was held early, so no UMA could get on. They also said the server was full and couldn’t get on. GT however said UMA should have just gotten on earlier. I’m putting up a poll to see what you think is right.

Did GT make a legit move?

Yes, UMA should have gotten on earlier
No, They should have moved servers
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UMA is invading Snowplow at these times:

7:00 EST

6:00 CST

5:00 MST

4:00 PST

Come support UMA, come support GT, or just come and watch.

This will be a great battle, as UMA is trying to claw up the ranks. GT is also trying to get into the top 10. I talked with Berat, as to why UMA is attacking GT (In case you didn’t notice, UMA’s victories have come of invasions, and GT’s win came off an invasion from them.) He said quote ” After we defeated DCP, we just wanted to add GT to our defeated armies list.” So yeah, this war is being fought over nothing, but it sure is fun, eh? ;). Anyway, don’t say this post is too short, because after their next battle, I’m adding more to it.

3 Responses

  1. UMA and GT also fought on Outback.


  2. 2nd


  3. UMA has been using DCP to help fight and they say DCP is not an ally, but a colony, i have more info on


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