ACP v.s. IW: The Battle for Sub Zero

Skloop: At Boomer’s request, as well as with many other follow up positive comments, here is  ”Ekpenguin”‘s comment on the situation, which is very insightful:

I never new about this “cheating” until I read the ACP post. This as Boomer said “takes the fun away”. I mean were club penguin armies not made for fun? To be honest I think if this carries on there may be no fun at all left in cp armies. There would just be politics arguments and lying. I would say this is coming pretty soon unless we just have war for the fun of it. I would say IW won but I now saw ACP clearly one if Icey resorts to cheating.

Blue2 Edit 2: Full chat tonight!

Blue2: Ok, Albaro Lord and I made a CPAC event/party/hangout chat. I’m posting it here as a trial run. If its popular, maybe CPAC will bring back its chat page. Skloop, also, I have to talk to you about this and a few other things.

The chat is:

Today,  the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors faced of in what I consider a truly magnificent battle for IW’s former capital server of Sub Zero. The battle was held on Klondike, due to Sub Zero being full. I came on 30 minutes before the battle, and already both sides had begun fighting. This battle was looking like a massive fight, but the outcome was entirely unexpected.

Now, unfortunately, I can’t post all of the pics I took, since my computer froze periodically throughout the battle, and I have lost some of them. I’ll try to fill in the gaps as best I can.

30 min. Before

ACP launches an “EMP” bomb at IW.

ACP “Hello” bombs IW.

ACP shows off incredible size, as does IW.

Battle begins

ACP charges IW at stage, IW retreats to Dojo.

IW’s size declines rapidly.

Now, then at this point, thebattle has barely started. IW seemingly has only about 5 soldiers left. They now give up and log off the server.

ACP begins to celebrate their victory over IW. Then, after about 10 minutes, someone in ACP checked the Town on Sub Zero. IW was still there. And they were HUGE. This is debatably one of the best tactics in history, though it’s fairness is questionable. Nevertheless, ACP attacks IW at the Town.

ACP now regroups at the Forts, while IW remains at Town.

IW J-bombs the Dock

ACP chases IW from the Dock to the Town, where both armies clash.

ACP and IW now battle each other moving throughout the Dock, Beach, and Village.

ACP now follows IW through the underground, and then to the Iceberg.

Now the two armies chase each other rapidly through the Stadium, Ice Berg, Pet Shop, Beacon, and finally, to the Night Club.

Now, both ACP and IW focus on claiming rooms for the last 10 minutes of the battle. Both armies have more than 5 rooms that remain theirs.

At this point, the battle ends. Both armies disagree on who won. ACP says IW cheated by logging of, using the below picture as support.

They also say that, even if IW didn’t cheat, they still won. IW says they didn’t cheat, and that they were the winners.

So, who won?

Well, ACP was definitely larger, so they get that point.

ACP:1 IW: 0

As far as rooms claimed go, both armies are even. So, they both get a point.

ACP: 2 IW: 1

Tactics. This one, although both armies had very good tactics, also goes to ACP

ACP: 3 IW: 1

But wait, what about IW’s fake surrender? That’s definitely a point of its own. But, is it even allowed…? Technically, an army admits defeat when they log off, and cannot undo that move… Ah, well, we’ll give them a point for trying this new and, though useful, slightly unfair tactic. We shall see if this becomes an issue…

ACP: 3 IW: 2

Well, the scores are in. Although IW put up an incredible fight, the winner is:

The Army of Club Penguin

I’m still not sure if IW admitted defeat, but based on what I saw, ACP were the winners. I know both armies will still say they won however. But this is my judgement.

Congrats to ACP. And, to IW, great job as well.

Let the hate comments begin.

~♣||»Sιя_Bℓυєsσ¢кωa_тнє_2η∂«||♣, New Secondary Head of CPAC

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