Army of the Week 9/24/10

Skloop To Lsund and Blue: Lsund, we already tried to have a chat, and it didn’t work. It was just a waste of site space. Also, Blue, my name is “Sklooperis”, no ‘K’ 😉

Hey, Blue2 here to post this week’s Army of the Week.

So, without further ado, this week’s winner is…

the Golden Troops!

Now, I know you’ll say that GT don’t need this and they are already quite big and so one and so forth. But, GT really has been rising lately.


GT is an army mainly consisted of merges. At first, GW, CPSS and CPF merged to make GW. GW lived on their own, and rocketed into the Top 10 as a large army. They were pretty successful there, and they were always in the Top 5 for every week, consistently. Then, more recently, the army known as CPST was dying, even though they were once in the Top 10. The leaders of both armies had a meeting and decided to have a trial merge. They merged together, and found that they were so successful that there was no point in even considering canceling the mere. The CPST site was made into a memorial, with only 1 memorial post still published, and a page dedicated to memories of good times in the army. By the next Top 10, GT had shot up to 2nd largest army. The merge has continued to be successful up to this date, and they were holding their World Power spot strong. However, recently GT underwent a major fall. They are rising now, however, and are working had with recruiting and other events to get their place back in the Top 5 Armies.


The creators of GW and CPST were Flipper and Sklooperis. Other leaders involved in the creation of GT were Ganger, Saiyaman Xc, and Jerry2Cool. Ganger had been considered a great leader at first,  however, recently the other leaders began to dislike Ganger’s methods. He had been fired before, and then given a second chance. They decided to impeach Ganger and remove him from the site. GT then began rebuilding after they had fallen considerably. The current leaders of GT are Sklooperis, Flipper, Saiyaman Xc, Sercan 44444, and 123nico26.


The Golden Troops are an Oligarchy. This means that leaders will choose their replacements, and pass any bills given by citizens by themselves. The leaders must all agree on a decision, if one needs to be made. Everything else is technically democratic. Most major decisions will be released to the public, so citizens can state their opinions.


<img title=”gtbanner” src=”” alt=”” width=”175″ height=”400″ />


A month or so ago, the GT site was “hacked”. For a few hours, everyone was trying to figure out why it had happened and who did it. however, the hacker had said on the site that they were “here to help”. Eventually, a few of us began to think it may have been a test. Then, Flipper came on and said that GT was starting all over. This began their rebuilding, which has, to this day been very successful.


The reason I decided on GT was that after they fell from the Top 5 Armies, they began to try to rebuild. Since then they have grown greatly, and, in my opinion, have a great shot to be in the Top Ten very soon.

Interview to be added very soon.


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  1. 1!


  2. All is very true, one of my favourite CPAC posts…


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