Round 2: Watex Warriors Vs CP Nitrogen


Watex Warriors are another army that is on the rise. Coming into this tournament, they recorded a good size in their battle against Team Gold, and look like they should get through to at least Round 3. They will fancy their chances of progressing further in this tournament, but they will face some very tricky opposition along the way.

CP Nitrogen haven’t been having such a great time of it recently. Obviously their win against CBF will give them some confidence, but it was not a very convincing win, and they only scraped through. They will have to improve on the 2 people they got at that battle if they want to have any chance of beating Watex Warriors.

Battle Review:

  • WW form a line down the right hand side of the Snow Forts
  • WW charge with a Watex Bomb
  • WW bunch under the clock tower, and then explode out with pizza bombs
  • WW form a line going down the middle of the Forts, and supplement with a heart bomb
  • CPN move to the Town
  • They are quickly followed there by Watex Warriors with Heart bomb
  • CPN are found by WW
  • WW toot bomb CPN
  • Both armies move to the TOwn
  • WW makes a line on the chatbar
  • WW charge with E+5 bombs
  • WW make a line down the right hand side of the Snow Forts.

Judges Opinion:

In the opinion of the Judge Sofia, the winner was clear and obviously

Watex Warriors

Congratulations to WW and they move onto the next round.

What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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