UMA Soon To Invade Mammoth

The Underground Mafias Army has decided to invade Mammoth this Sunday, December 27th at 2:30 PST. Here is the reasoning that Harv gives for invading Mammoth:

“We are invading this not for us but for CP armies, the Mammoth wars shall return. If we win this battle, then the UMA will show we aren’t dead to cp army world and it shows that we are tough enough to face challenges that are difficult. Now let’s go win out there…”

However, Mammoth isn’t that useful of a server anymore for fighting. It is full most of the time, and if not, five bars. Getting two large armies to fit in there is hard, and not even the entirety of one army might be able to get in… especially if they have a lot of nonmembers. The rooms would also be crowded by a lot of other people, making it hard to fight.

Instead of putting my own poll, I decided to use the poll that the UMA already has up. This way the results will update on both our sites.

f you want to read UMA’s full post about it, click here.

– Amitc87,
Club Penguin Army Central Secondary Head of Site

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