CPA Central 2009 Holiday Contest!

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Over the time since CPA Central was created, we’ve had quite a few smaller contests. However, it’s time to end the year with a massive contest – the CPA Central 2009 Holiday Contest!

This contest is actually 3 different contests in one. Here are the rules:

  • You may enter however many of the contests as you like (the more you enter – the most your chances of winning are)!
  • On December 30th the contest will end and the winners will be announced.
  • There are 9 available prizes total. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from all 3 contests will receive them.


There are going to be three 1st place winners, three 2nd place winners and three 3rd place winners. They will each receive the following prizes:

1st Place:

  • Author on CPA Central and access to the V.I.P. Site!
  • A $10 iTunes Gift Code and access to the V.I.P. Site!
  • A Club Penguin Coin Code and access to the V.I.P. Site!

2nd Place:

  • Access to the V.I.P. Site and your site on the CPA Central Blogroll!

3rd Place:

  • Access to the V.I.P. Site!


Commenting Contest:

The Commenting Contest is most likely the easiest contest here. All you have to do is simply comment on this post! Here are the rules:

  • Over the next week, until the contest ends, just try to comment as much as possible on this post!
  • You will probably have to comment at least a couple hundred times, but it really doesn’t take too long to do and the prizes are so huge!
  • The person with the most comments by the end of the contest will win a Main Prize, the person with the 2nd largest ammount of comments by the end of the contest will win the 2nd Place Prize and the person with the 3rd largest ammount of comments by the end of the contest will win the 3rd Place Prize!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get commenting!

Note: The person who wins this contest will get 1st pick out of the Main Prizes!

Logo Design Contest:

Update: Remember to use the right spelling when you design your logo! I’ve gotten a couple of really awesome logos, but they have the spelling of something wrong. Two of them have “CPUC” or “CPCP” instead of “CPAC” and one of them has “Wonton” instead of “Woton.”

The Logo Design Contest is also probably one of the easier contests, since it’s mostly based on skill and there probably won’t be too many people entering it. Here are the rules:

  • Design a good looking logo for CPA Central. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simply logo. Here’s an example of one:

  • Submit it using THIS FORM. (Do not comment it or it will most likely not be counted.)
  • I will pick the best 3 at the end of the contest. They will not be judged on how flashy they are or what newest program they used, but more of just the basic design and if it works with the site or not. The 1st place one will be used in the future and also as the Site Icon (in place of where the WordPress symbol is now).

Some things to think about when designing your logo for CPA Central:

  • Try to make it a circular shape, like the one above.
  • Don’t have too much stuff going on in it. It should just be fairly simple but with a nice layout/design.
  • Don’t put too much text in it. Probably the only text you should have should be “CPAC.”

Note: The person who wins this contest will get 2nd pick out of the Main Prizes!

Name That Army:

This is also one of the easier contests since it doesn’t require much work to do, but it’s also fairly more difficult since the quiz itself is pretty hard. Here are the rules:

  • You must try to figure out what each of the below armies are based on the hints (half of the armies will probably be pretty easy to figure out and some of them will probably be harder to figure out since they’re smaller armies).
  • Comment on this post with the number of the army given below and say what you think the army is, based on the clues.
  • When the contest is over, the first 3 people to get at least 9/10 of the armies right will win!

Here are the armies that you must try to figure out:

  1. This army is one of the newer armies around Club Penguin. They are a major army and their color is red. Their soldier of the month is Daltonjj1936:
  2. This army is a small army. It’s abbreviation is 4 letters long and one of the words in it’s name is “Rulers.” It’s site has over 100k hits and one of it’s leaders is named Ace Boi108:
  3. This army was created by a famous Club Penguin blogger a long time ago. It’s color is orange:
  4. This army was formerly lead by Person1233 and Pengster48 before it fell and became completely inactive in April of 2009:
  5. This army rose very quickly in the last couple of months to become one of the largest major armies today. It’s color is orange and the Winged Helmet is part of it’s uniform:
  6. This army is a medium army that has been around for a long time. Their color is brown/black and it’s name starts with R. One of their 3ic’s used to be an UMA Leader:
  7. This army has risen quite a bit in the last 6 months or so and is now one of the smaller major armies. It has a 4 letter abbreviation and it’s president is Jord Fan:
  8. This army is a medium army. It’s abbreviation is two of the same letter. It’s color is black and it’s 3ic is Apom59. It’s site has over 120k views:
  9. This army is one of the oldest armies in Club Penguin. They recently tried to fake Pink Mafias being one of their leaders:
  10. This army has a 3 letter abbreviation and is a medium army that many people think will soon be major. All of it’s owner ranks are really well known and one of them is Houndy66:

Some other hints to help you Name That Army:

  • Almost all of these army site’s are on the Nacho’s blogroll.
  • All of these armies are still active today and have over 20k views on their sites.
  • You can easily find all of these armies through Google.

What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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